Get plenty of rest

Make sure you get well rested

If you are one of those people who talk about sleeping for only 3 hours as if it is a huge achievement, it is time to reconsider this. If sleep deprivation is so heroic, it would not be one of the tactics that has been by dictators throughout history to torture their victims. When you are not rested enough (at least 7 hours per day) you’ll go about your chores much like a drunk. Getting enough sleep helps you to re-energize and clear your mind. You are then not only happier but also more productive. Get good nutrition, and exercise
Some people are so busy that they only have time for a quick snack and soda for lunch and then stuff themselves with a heavy meal for dinner. They also have no time for exercise. Good nutrition and exercise helps our minds work better and should be at the top of our self-care programs. The joy and renewed energies that good nutrition and exercise bring are transferred to our businesses – ultimately making us more productive.