Don’t worry be Happy

We are constantly told that to be successful in our endeavors we have to be fully focused on what we are doing. That we need to have a single-track mind. That all our energies have to be directed at the particular venture we are engaged in.  Well, this is all true because entertaining distractions will make us less productive than we would otherwise be. But how much time should we dedicate to our chosen careers and ventures without forgetting to take care of ourselves? Can we be truly successful in our businesses when we are unhappy about how we feel about ourselves?

When you are stressed out or unhappy, the feeling is communicated to your co-workers and customers. A customer who gets the feeling that you are unhappy about what you are doing is unlikely to do further business with you. Your co-workers will also avoid you and only relate with you when they have no other option.  That is why your personal happiness should take precedence over your career. Research shows that people who are happy about themselves perform better than those whose minds have been taken over by work to the extent that they never spare a moment to take care of themselves. Fortunately, taking care of yourself, and therefore becoming more productive, is not rocket science. You’ll be shocked at the simple things you need to do to become a better person and worker.